4 Reasons Your Elderly Loved One Should Try Rosetta Stone

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Why Your Loved One Should Get Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone offers innovative, technology-driven language, literacy, and brain fitness solutions for people of all ages via an online learning program. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of Mississauga home care, offers 4 reasons why your senior loved one may want to use Rosetta Stone.

Involvement in Cultural Events Promotes Socialization

Acquiring new language skills can be a catalyst for getting involved in cultural events and making new friends. The live tutoring sessions and access to millions of other language learners on the Rosetta Stone forums may compel your loved one to be more social, which can combat the loneliness sometimes associated with the aging process.

New Correspondence Enhances Communication Skills

Learning a new language may give your loved one the confidence to find a pen pal from another country and improve his or her written skills, which are just as important as verbal communication. Writing gives your loved one a chance to practice sentence structure, accents, and spelling, ensuring he or she can read and write just as well as they speak the language.

Vocabulary Drills Strengthen Memory

Learning foreign vocabulary based on topics such as travel, shopping, and family life exercises the left brain and can enhance your loved one’s short-term memory. These drills can be especially effective if your loved one sets out to complete them under a specific time limit.

Frequent Practice Delays Cognitive Decline

Language learning is a complex and highly involved process that demands dedication. Recalling recently acquired information and practicing through repetition are both necessary for progressing with learning the foreign language and strengthening cognitive abilities.

Learning a new language is a great way for your senior loved one stay sharp, but it isn’t the only way. At Home Care Assistance, every caregiver is trained in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which helps seniors improve cognition, prevent or delay mental decline, and regain a sense of pride and accomplishment through mentally stimulating activities. To learn more about our live-in or hourly care in Mississauga, call 905-337-1200 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.


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