How to Encourage a Senior Loved One to Exercise

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How to Encourage Senior Exercise

As multiple scientific studies have proven, the physical and emotional advantages that regular exercise offers to seniors is hard to overlook. Benefits include improved cardiovascular health, decreased rates of depression, and reduced risks for stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Because physical activity plays a protective role in brain function, exercise can ward off cognitive decline as well. Encourage your elderly loved one to exercise and take advantage of all these health benefits by utilizing the following tips from Mississauga Home Care Assistance.

Take a Positive Approach

A recent Cornell University study found that when it comes to public health campaigns, positive messages work better at effecting changes in behavior than fear-based messages. Instead of pointing out all the harm that a sedentary lifestyle can cause, stress the positive benefits of exercise, which include:

  • More energy to engage in your favorite activities
  • Feeling better about the way you look
  • Fewer aches and pains when performing everyday tasks
  • A greater sense of independence and agility

Seize Every Opportunity

Look for ways to increase your family member’s level of physical activity as you spend time together. Instead of carrying on a conversation while sitting, chat while you stroll around the garden or walk to a local store. Take a class together that involves physical activity, such as Tai Chi, dance or swimming. Daily activities like shopping, gardening, and housework offer opportunities to exercise with your loved one too. If the time you spend with your family member is limited, consider hiring a part-time or live-in home caregiver in Mississauga who will encourage physical activity.

An analysis conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that nearly two-thirds of adults over 65 don’t meet basic recommendations for exercise. With your help and encouragement, your aging parent or loved one can beat those statistics and enjoy a better quality of life. For more information about senior health and wellness, call 905-337-1200 and speak with a friendly Care Manager from Home Care Assistance of Mississauga.


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