How to Care for Seniors with Epilepsy

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How to Care for Epileptic Seniors in Mississauga, CAN

Epilepsy is a mental disorder affecting brain function and causing seizures. Since seizures can be unpredictable, preventive care is crucial. The Mississauga home care experts at Home Care Assistance have a few tips to help you care for your elderly loved one with epilepsy.

• Since some seniors can be forgetful, it is important to remind them to take their prescribed medication. This can help your loved one stay strong and reduce the risk of seizures becoming more serious. You can buy an alarm for your loved one or mark important times on a calendar to help him or her remember when to take the antiepileptic medications.

• Whether by a family member or a caregiver in Mississauga, your loved one should have assistance carrying out his or her daily activities. For instance, your loved one may want to avoid some cooking activities since he or she could be exposed to high temperatures. Excessive heat can affect the neurons in the brain and trigger a seizure.

• You may want to suggest your loved one try a ketogenic diet, which involves eating foods with a high fat content such as butter, cream, and peanut butter. Though this diet can help prevent seizures, there is no clear reason why it helps. Your loved one should avoid foods high in carbohydrates like bread and pasta whenever possible, as these foods can increase the risk of seizures.

• If a seizure does occur, keeping your loved one in recovery position is always advised. This involves making sure his or her body is on its side and the airway is not obstructed. This position can help revive the nervous system, making your loved one feel conscious once again.

To best help your loved one manage daily tasks that may be affected by his or her epilepsy, consider in-home care services from Home Care Assistance. Our Mississauga hourly care is designed to assist your loved one with tasks such as medication reminders, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning whenever he or she may need the help. To find out more information about our senior care services, call 905-337-1200 and one of our Care Managers would be happy to answer any questions you have.


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