5 Post-Retirement Jobs for Teachers

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Post-Retirements for Teachers in Mississauga, ON

After enjoying long and rewarding careers as teachers, many educators choose not to completely leave the workforce upon reaching retirement age. The education and experience teachers possess can come in handy when seeking employment options. Whether they want to supplement a pension income or simply continue working, former teachers should consider jobs that make the most of their skills. 

1. Part-Time Professor

Retired teachers who have master’s degrees can evaluate the possibility of working as instructors, adjunct professors, or visiting professors at community colleges. Institutions might have openings available in subjects your loved one has experience in. If the local colleges do not offer courses in your loved one’s field of expertise, he or she might have an opportunity to add courses to the curriculum.

Older adults who continue working after retirement tend to remain active and healthy, but it is not the only way they can maintain a higher quality of life. Seniors who want to remain healthy as they age can benefit in a variety of ways when they receive professional non-medical Mississauga home care Assistance is here to help your loved one accomplish daily tasks, prevent illness, and focus on living a healthier and more fulfilling life.  

2. Staff Member at a School

Even after a teacher chooses to retire, he or she may still have the choice of working in the school district part-time. Your loved one might gain a position as a substitute teacher, as part of the support staff, or in other positions as needed. However, to prevent issues with pension agreements, part-time teachers may need to limit their working hours. Your loved one’s options are not necessarily limited to his or her former school or school district, and he or she can work in other school systems as well. 

3. Private Tutor 

Retired teachers are typically more than qualified to offer their services as tutors. Students might need coaching on a particular subject or help preparing for entrance exams. Tutoring gives seniors the chance to set their own hours and establish their fees as freelance instructors. Previous connections with local school districts can open doors to referrals. Working for a test prep company is another option. There are also internet websites that commonly hire teachers for tutoring. 

4. Writer

Not many people realize the famed horror author Stephen King was once employed as a high school English teacher. He began writing his first novel between classes. Retirees can explore the possibility of writing short stories or novels. Retired teachers who specialized in history might consider writing about a famous historical figure or time period. A teacher’s background in grammar and punctuation might also serve well in writing grants for companies or organizations. 

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5. Museum Guide

Regardless of the type of facility, museums serve to educate the public on one or many topics. Working at a museum allows your loved one to engage in the field he or she loves and pass on knowledge to visitors of all ages. An institution specializing in your loved one’s area of expertise might also offer a position as a curator.

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