How Can Seniors Alleviate Headaches Naturally?

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Natural Headache Remedies for Seniors in Mississauga, CAN

Headaches can be difficult to alleviate, and even seniors who have never had recurring headaches before can sometimes develop this issue. If your senior loved one is experiencing headaches and the doctor has ruled out migraines, they are likely tension headaches and there are a number of natural remedies that can offer relief. Here are some natural ways to help your loved one alleviate headaches, brought to you by the Mississauga home care experts at Home Care Assistance.


Gently massaging your loved one’s shoulders, neck, and even the scalp can help tremendously if he or she has tension headaches. Put on some relaxing music while you are doing the massage, and have your loved one lie down if possible. Applying warm compresses to the neck and shoulders before the massage can help it eliminate the headache more quickly. You can also try rubbing some lavender essential oil, which is known to be relaxing, into your loved one’s temples.

Guided Meditation

This relaxation technique works to relieve headaches in two ways. First, it takes the mind off of whatever may be causing worry and stress by giving it a soothing voice and music to listen to and concentrate on. Second, the controlled breathing and relaxation loosens tight muscles in the neck, shoulders, and scalp, which is a major cause of headaches. There are many free guided meditations available online, and your loved one can choose one that resonates with him or her.


This is an herb belonging to the chrysanthemum family. It has been proven to provide relief for headaches by dilating the blood vessels, which alleviates vascular tension. Feverfew comes in tablets, liquids, and chewables.


This herb is a relaxant with a mild sedative effect that relieves muscle tension and anxiety that can accompany a headache. Valerian extract is often more effective and may act faster than the powdered root, and it comes as a liquid or in capsules.

Chamomile Tea

Sometimes your loved one may not get enough water and experience slight dehydration. Dehydration headaches can be very quickly remedied by drinking water, but giving your loved one a cup of relaxing chamomile tea with honey and lemon can serve this purpose and more. This ancient herb has been used for centuries to relieve tension and promote sleep.

Sometimes the stress of keeping up with day-to-day tasks can be overwhelming and lead to headaches. If your loved one needs help managing stress to remain healthy, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our live-in and hourly caregivers in Mississauga are available 24/7 to help your loved one with tasks like cooking, cleaning, and laundry, allowing him or her the chance to relax. For more information on how our elderly care services can promote your loved one’s wellbeing, call one of our friendly Care Managers at 905-337-1200 to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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