What Technological Devices Can Help Prevent Elderly Depression?

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Technological Devices that Can Prevent Senior Depression in Mississauga, CAN

The constant barrage of new technological advancements may cause confusion for some seniors receiving home care Mississauga services. However, certain technology may offer some unforeseen benefits such as staving off depression. If you are concerned about your elderly loved one’s emotional wellbeing, learn how using these devices may be able to help.


Learning to use a computer can be frustrating for anyone due to its complexity, but some tasks a computer can perform can make your loved one feel happier. Many seniors feel isolated, especially those who have limited mobility or who no longer drive, which makes it hard to get out of the house to socialize. Using a computer to send emails or use video chat can help your loved one connect with friends and family.

Digital Cameras

With a digital camera, your loved one can instantly check how a picture came out and enjoy the almost limitless amount of photos a memory card can hold. He or she can browse digital photos on a computer or get prints and put them into photo albums. Your loved one can enjoy the hobby he or she may have loved in younger years with even more freedom and flexibility than film cameras allowed. Studies have shown pursuing personal passions naturally boosts endorphins, which are powerful hormones that help ward off depression and help a person feel happy.

Satellite Television and DVR

Some seniors have trouble locating programs they enjoy watching. However, satellite television generally comes with a guide menu to help see at a glance what’s on and what the program is about. A DVR, often standard with satellite installation, allows a senior to digitally record shows he or she is interested in. This way, your loved one can watch a show at any time and even fast-forward through the commercials. You and other family members may find watching television with your loved one to be a wonderful bonding activity. These conveniences can help your loved one feel more in control of the time spent watching television and can be a great mood lifter as well.

Though using this technology may help promote your loved one’s emotional wellbeing, he or she can also benefit from forming a bond with a compassionate caregiver. At Home Care Assistance, we offer live-in and hourly care in Mississauga, and our caregivers can provide your loved one with emotional support and companionship while assisting with a wide variety of daily tasks. For more information on our senior care services, call one of our Care Managers at 905-337-1200 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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