Ways to Promote Senior Independence

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Promoting Senior Independence

Whether your loved one is facing decreased mobility, cognitive decline, or is adjusting to life post-hospitalization, prioritizing your relative’s independence is important to maintaining his or her sense of control. The following tips can help both family caregivers and the hourly caregivers in Mississauga encourage ongoing senior independence.

Encourage the Do-What-You-Can Attitude

Giving your loved one some control in his or her daily routine can generate feelings of self-worth, happiness, and independence, so you or live-in caregivers in Mississauga may adopt a “do-what-you-can” attitude with your loved one. You may encourage your loved one to do small physical or cognitive tasks, like walking, dressing, paying bills, and taking medications with as little assistance as possible. Giving your loved one the opportunity to perform or assist with these tasks can make him or her feel good and maintain his or her dignity.

Employ Adaptive Equipment

Providing your loved one with adaptive equipment to address any disabilities or physical difficulties he or she has can also encourage his or her independence. Ensuring that your loved one has the correct adaptive aids, like hearing aids, eyeglasses, and marked pill dispensers, can help your loved one participate more in his or her own care. Mobility aids, like walkers and sturdy bathroom bars, can help your loved one to get around the home and use the restroom on his or her own. Keep in mind that official adaptive equipment, such as wheelchairs and other mobility devices, often require a doctor’s recommendation and prescription.

Finding the best way to promote our senior loved one’s independence depends on his or her particular needs and abilities, but making sure that your loved one has the emotional support and correct equipment for routine tasks can help. The highly trained caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Mississauga know that supporting your loved one’s independence is critical in fostering his or her sense of control and purpose. Give one of our Care Managers a call at (905) 337-1200 to learn more about how our customized services can help your loved one be as independent as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.


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