A Brief Guide to In-Home Senior Care

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Benefits of Home Care

Today, many seniors are making the choice to live independently for as long as possible. Yet, there often comes a point where even the most independent senior may need assistance with their daily routine. For these reasons, in-home care services are rising in popularity due to the flexibility and cost-effective options that they provide for care. If your family is currently considering which type of care is most suitable for your loved one, this guide can help you understand what you can expect when hiring an in-home caregiver.

Types of Services Available

Home care in Mississauga typically focuses on providing non-medical assistance to aging adults. The types of services your loved one may need will vary depending upon their current state of physical and mental health. Among the services offered are transportation assistance to help your loved one get to and from medical appointments or run errands and meal preparation. Personal hygiene tasks, such as bathing and getting dressed, are simplified with the assistance of a caregiver. Although in-home caregivers do not practice medicine, they can check-in with your loved one to make sure they are taking their medications as directed. Caregivers also provide companionship, and they can be available to drop in and spend a few hours with your loved one on days that you cannot.

Benefits of Choosing In-Home Care

Senior adults benefit physically and emotionally from having regular visits from a caregiver. While a caregiver looks after a senior adult’s physical needs, such as eating and bathing, they also engage the senior adult in conversation about their personal interests. Seniors often look forward to their visits, and family members can rest assured that their loved one’s wellbeing is secure. Hiring a caregiver from an in-home care agency also can provide family members with an opportunity for respite. In-home care can be arranged on a daily, weekly or hourly basis, which offers greater flexibility than other care options. Click here to learn more about hourly home care in Mississauga.

Talking to Seniors About Hiring a Caregiver

It is best for families to include their senior loved one in discussions about their ongoing care as much as possible. Begin by choosing a time when your loved one is relaxed and open to hearing your ideas. Then, explain the options available and the benefits offered by in-home care. It may be helpful to explain that they in-home care provider you choose will have undergone a background check and training that will ensure they provide the highest level of care. Then, arrange for a brief visit that will allow your loved one to become acquainted with their new caregiver before moving on to a regular schedule for visits.

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