Should Your Elderly Loved One Have a Smartphone?

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Technology for Seniors

As seniors did not grow up surrounded by cellphones and computers, many are resistant to adopting the latest technology. Despite this hesitancy, having a smartphone may benefit seniors for a variety of reasons. Presented by Home Care Assistance of Mississauga, here are five reasons senior care experts encourage the elderly to use smartphones.

1. Preserves Memories

Contemporary smartphones contain cameras that are more powerful than some digital cameras. Having a smartphone can give your parent or grandparent an opportunity to take pictures of friends and family and to keep treasured moments at their fingertips.

2. Offers Reading Assistance

There are plenty of apps available on different mobile platforms for seniors with vision challenges. EyeReader is $1.99 in the Apple app store and can transform your loved one’s iPhone into a giant magnifying glass. This type of app is a perfect way for seniors who need to be able to read small print on menus or prescription bottles. And, if your loved one wants to read books that are only available in small print, these apps can help ensure he or she can continue to read his or her favorites.

3. Promotes Cognitive Acuity

Certain tasks or activities, like word puzzles, strengthen cognitive acuity. Unlike a crossword puzzle in the newspaper, smartphones allow your loved one to play mentally engaging games whenever and wherever he or she wishes. Plus, the increasing levels in certain games, such as Alpha Betty Saga and Words With Friends, will challenge your loved one and encourage a competitive spirit.

4. Tracks Health

Instead of using a pen and paper, you and your loved one can now track certain bodily functions by phone. If your loved one has hypertension, you can monitor his or her daily blood pressure using an app like Blood Pressure Companion (available on Apple devices), or Blood Pressure Watch (available on Android devices). While an hourly or 24-hour caregiver in Mississauga can also provide medication reminders, certain apps, including Pill Monitor, Dosecast, and MedCoach Medication Reminder, send notifications when it’s time for a senior to take their daily medication.

 5. Provides Safety Monitoring

The Spantec Fall Detector app is available on Android devices and monitors the phone owner for falls, just like a medical alert bracelet. This app works by constantly monitoring the user’s movement in order to tell the difference between “normal” movement and movement that could indicate a fall or injury. If a fall or inactivity is detected, a text is immediately sent to you or another family member’s phone. Likewise, the SafetyNET app turns a your loved one’s smartphone into a GPS tracking device with coordinate updates that can be monitored from SafetyNET’s website at intervals throughout the day.

If you’re concerned for your elderly loved one’s safety at home, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our professional caregivers are expertly trained to provide around-the-clock safety monitoring and assistance with daily tasks that can be difficult or dangerous for seniors with cognitive and physical challenges. To learn more about how our care services, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia care in Mississauga, give a Care Manager a call at 905-337-1200 and schedule a free in-home consultation.


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