What are the Warning Signs of Senior Stroke?

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Senior Stroke Warning Signs

Seniors are at an increased risk of stroke, which may strike quickly and have devastating physical and cognitive consequences. Immediate medication attention can not only save someone’s life but also reduce the damage of the stroke. For every minute that a stroke is untreated and blood flow to the brain is blocked, the person will lose around 1.9 million neurons. Family members and caregivers should be aware of the warning signs when a loved one is having a stroke so they can respond quickly.

  • Sudden NumbnessWhile this symptom may be hard to recognize in someone else, you may notice your loved one’s mouth drooping on one side or difficulty moving an arm or controlling fingers.
  • Sudden Confusion or Difficulty Speaking – Language issues are the most common sign of a stroke. If your senior loved one has experienced a stroke, he or she may have slurred speech, difficulty speaking, or an inability to understand what you are saying. Ask your loved one to repeat back a simple sentence if you suspect a stroke may be occurring.
  • Sudden Vision Problems – A stroke can cause sudden vision problems in one or both eyes, such as trouble looking to the left or right, blurry vision, or an inability to see clearly out of one eye.
  • Sudden Trouble Walking or a Lack of Coordination – A senior that is experiencing a stroke may walk as if he or she is intoxicated, fall down, or complain of dizziness. Look for a sudden loss of fine motor ability, such as trouble using a pen.
  • Sudden Severe Headache – Many people experiencing a stroke will complain of a very intense, sudden headache. If this headache comes with pain in the face, vomiting, or a stiff neck, it is a sign of an intracranial hemorrhage and it requires very fast response.

If you suspect your loved one has had a stroke, call 911 immediately. Make a note of when the symptoms began, and do not allow your loved one to downplay their symptoms.

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